Zodiac (071289)

25 May

I’ve always wanted to watch this movie mainly because of one reason: JAKE GYLLENHAAL. #fangirl

I was excited when I found out that we’re going to watch this in class. I didn’t know why I didn’t watch this movie before but it seemed pretty big back in 2007. After watching though, I’m sad to say that I didn’t like it as much I expected. I have to say this movie is more enjoyed by patient viewers. I am not one of them.

Zodiac is a crime suspense thriller that revolves around the Zodiac killings that happened in the 1970s. (I heard back in 2007 that this was based on a true story. Plus points!) It focuses on how the police and media dealt with the Zodiac killer’s and wannabe-zodiac’s letters.

I liked that it showed the true unglamorous and dull side of investigations. Not all crime investigations are all like CSI with all the drama and action scenes. I know most of the time they’re just talking or sitting down on their desks with piles of paper around and scrunched up foreheads. I love the parts when Jake Gyllenhaal explains the Zodiac alphabet and how he figured it out. There were a couple of funny witty lines for some comic relief.

I didn’t like the movie because it was so long and it kept bringing me higher with suspense and excitement only to bring me back down. There were a lot of gripping scenes that kept the viewers entertained but there were dragging scenes as well. During the scenes when the killer is active and they get a new letter, there’s tension and momentum but when it turns to Jake’s character and his one-man venture, the intensity of suspense decreases. I guess I’m just used to heart-pounding non-stop suspense shows like CSI and Lost. Plus the fact that the movie ends with the case being unsolved is frustrating.

The cast and acting, however, is awesome. Mark Ruffalo has that whole investigator feel going on similar to David Krumholtz of the series Numb3rs. Robert Downey Jr. is amazing as a person and that cocky son-of-a-bitch attitude really suits him. Jake Gyllenhaal as the quiet, nerdy and somewhat insecure but whip-smart low-key hero is perfection. He’s not too cocky confident looking like Brad Pitt but not too pathetic looking like Michael Cera. I think Shia Labeouf would fit this role also.

In terms of decor and costume, the period set and prop pieces were faithful to time. In terms of lighting, the use of dark cold hues is appropriate for the mood of the movie but I noticed that most scenes have a blue tint that adds the modern feel.  Shots were sharp and compositions were good but it lacked cinematic flair and style that would have made the film and the experience of watching it more enjoyable.

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