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Noun: A belt of the heavens within about 8° either side of the ecliptic, including all apparent positions of the sun, moon, and planets, and divided by astrologers into twelve equal divisions or sign

Zodiac is also known as the 1960’s American murderer famous for sending messages to the government and their local newspaper about his murders written in codes (zodiacs). I already knew about this psycho killer before watching the movie. I saw him in the TV show, The Insider, where they told the story about Zodiac. So before watching the movie, I thought I already knew the ending.

When we were told that we were going to view Zodiac, I was actually excited to watch knowing that I already what would happen. I never found myself reading about the film but when I heard about it, I immediately thought this would obviously be about murder and mystery. So I thought this would be action-packed with blood and thrill. I was psyched at the beginning of the movie there the first murder scene occurred. A random boy and a girl were in a car when a man attacked them by using a gun and firing several shots. The man fired more shots to the girl which killed her. But in the boy’s case, he was able to get out of the car. As he sat, by the car, the man shot him again. Luckily, he managed to survive this attack and in the end of the movie, he will later be of great importance and help to the investigation. Talking about the first murder scene, I agree that it was a beautifully shot murder because the build up of it all was so unexpected. I also liked the way the camera’s position is place during the murder. You are given different perspectives of it. When the attack happened, there was a perspective from being a bit distant from the car looking from the outside then we creep in closer still looking from the outside but having a more magnified view of the scene. There are also perspectives of the murderer and the ones getting murdered as well.

Personally, my favorite parts of the film were the murder scenes and the parts where there was suspension and action. Zodiac is such a long movie that I did not really enjoy that much even if the actors were one of my favorite actors. I had expectations and I believe that this movie did not meet them. I think what contributed to that is the story isn’t really thrilling. Like discussed in class, it is a research movie all about finding who the killer is. It was a very long process and at one point I already found it dragging. I like how the characters were built and how they were so in depth already by the end of the movie. In the end, I thought they wouldn’t find the killer. But what the movie showed is that they had a suspect but they weren’t exactly sure.

I can’t really say much about this mainstream movie but then watching it will open your  mind and your heart.

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