I Don’t Get It! [Primer] (103461)

26 May

Primer might be the most awful film I have ever watched in
my lifetime. The premise is interesting, time travelling theories usually are,
but not even that can salvage any sort of hope for a movie like this. Not only
was the techno mumbo jumbo jargon very demoralizing, they don’t even give us a
chance to absorb all of the complicated information before assaulting us with
another barrage of what is undeniably a steaming pile of bull. Much like
television shows such as CSI and NCIS, the creators of this horrid production
relied heavily on the incompetence of the audience, without even attempting
suspension of disbelief. They did however succeed in suspension of satisfaction
because the incomprehensible, dialogue, lack of substance, and outright
confusing plot combine to completely destroy any sort of positive feedback they
might be hoping to achieve.

It is true that science fiction requires viewers to just
blindly accept impossible things as fact. It happens everytime. They throw
terms such as “hyperdrive”, “antimatter” and “particle-charged laser beam of
death” at us and we will naturally eat it up for the sake of entertainment. Of
course we all know that it’s only true for the make-believe movie world (most
of us anyway). The second we walk out of that movie theatre we quickly dismiss
any notion of there being an actual “sdkfhsl” alien race on planet “Cthulhu”. Primer
doesn’t seem to understand this however. I don’t know, I guess I just felt
insulted because I knew that they were trying to sound smarter than me even
though they probably knew nothing about actual time travel. I honestly prefer
Donny Darko’s wormhole theory to this crap.

On the other hand, I suppose that the idea of having a body
double is interesting. It was also nice when i found out that they could
interfere in any way with the outside world for there will be unknown consequences,
which is why they often lock themselves up in a hotel room. This was realistic,
that is true, but it also limits the possibilities (if i remember correctly
they did not want to travel to the future because it was dangerous). Risking is
exciting, while playing it safe ultimately ruins the experience (once again,
this is not real life, it’s a movie, so please do something we real people
wouldn’t normally do). What probably redeemed the film for me would be the
moment that i found out there was a second time machine built as a failsafe.
This opened up countless scenarios for the plot to evolve but once again i was
disappointed at how needlessly complex they had to make it.

The ending was fine, basically just retelling the problem
but at a grander scale. They could have done a better job in building up the
tension leading up to that moment though. I didn’t really feel fearful of what
could happen because they didn’t exactly show me any horrifying catastrophe
resulting from their first experiment. In fact, it came off as completely
harmless and at the same time, useless (wow he became a hero at a party… what
happened to the MONEY!!).

Overall the movie was boring. And I’m not just being
stubborn because I’m quite sure I’m not the only one who feels that way. No
matter who you are, do not watch this.

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