Spiritual Exercises [Hotel Chevalier/Darjeeling Limited] (103461)

26 May

Darjeeling limited is my favourite film to date (the ones
that we watched in class). Owen Wilson is such an amazing comedy actor, his
presence alone makes this movie Oscar-worthy. Anyways, I was actually very
surprised to see Bill Murray in a desert setting that isn’t Las Vegas. And also
the fact that he was attempting to catch a train, and failing miserably, sort
of gave me that poor, clueless foreigner vibe comparable to Tom Hanks’ The

I was very happy to finally encounter a comedy movie as this
is my favourite genre. Watching the short into Hotel Chevalier was, in my
opinion, a very important part of the whole experience as it provides a much
needed background for Jack, the youngest sibling. It was also a good idea to
keep the origins and purpose of the three brothers in the dark for the earlier
parts of the film. By keeping it vague, we were forced to use our imagination
to try to gather what was really going on there.

Seeing as they are in a foreign land, it was interesting to
note how awkward it was for them in trying to blend in with the crowd. They
were trying so hard to be spiritual and everything but their goofiness doesn’t
makes this very convincing. Still kudos to them for the effort.

The relationships between each character are pivotal to say
the least. From each of the brothers to one another, the brothers to their
mother, to their late father, etc. Clearly they all have abandonment issues and
each harbours resentment towards their mom, if only slightly. However, they did
in fact travel all the way to a far-off land, leaving their life and families
behind in order to get some sort of closure which shows that they still had
hope for some sort of reunion in their dysfunctional family.

The death of the Indian boy felt a bit out of place for me
because there was nothing comedic about death and that was when I realized that
this was what they were going through. Clearly they have not yet coped with the
death of their own father, with one of them still stubbornly clinging on to his
father’s material possessions insisting that he was the favourite. This was the
same brother who was soon to become a father himself which i think scares him a
little because he is on the brink of divorce and he does not want his child to
experience the same emotional burdens that he himself carries. We also learn
later on that Owen Wilson’s character attempted to commit suicide most likely
due to the isolation and midlife crisis.

I am glad to see that by the end of the movie, the three
brothers have learned to accept their past and each other. This was clearly
shown in at least four instances. When they agree to let Owen keep their
passports, when Peter, the middle brother gives the Francis, the eldest, his
father’s belt, when Francis himself tears apart the detailed itinerary he kept
on referring to throughout the film, and when they jettison all of their father’s
luggage together.

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