V for Vendetta: An Experience

26 May

This film has grown to become a popular favorite amongst many filmgoers, especially those of the youth and adolescent audience. With its stylish graphics, a badass protagonist (or perhaps antagonist) and loads of heart-stopping action along with the beautiful Natalie Portman, it’s clear that there is very little to dislike here.

I personally loved the film as well, for all the reasons above and so much more. On the surface, V for Vendetta is an action packed film led by the unrelenting and seemingly invincible character of V. However, digging deeper the film speaks volumes about politics, freedom and revolution. I found that the character of V served in its entirety as a symbol for the power of a single idea. He even mentions it himself during the climax of the film when he is single handedly dismantling Creedy and his bodyguards, “Beneath this mask is an idea… and ideas are bulletproof” he says just before choking Creedy to his death. Indeed, this film has stirred my belief in the power of a single idea and how it can be used to fight against something so strong as politics or the government rule, just as V had done. He led a revolution against the totalitarian government of the United Kingdom and brought it to its knees through sheer willpower. Evey’s monologue in the beginning of the film even blatantly talks about the power of the idea and how it transcends that of human life and existence. In a sense, one’s mortality can be surpassed into the realm of immortality through a single idea.

Other than the in depth personal interpretations that this film brings about in many moviegoers, I enjoyed it for the simple things that it brought on screen, hardcore action in slow motion. It’s no surprise that the most memorable scene for me in this film was the climax between V and Creedy’s bodyguards, that fight was remarkable for it’s effects and gut wrenching action plain and simple. Amazing choreography seemed as if it was an interpretive dance almost, mixed with the blood and gore it was difficult to even blink during this beautiful sequence of shots.

What I also enjoyed about the movie was how it communicated the dystopian atmosphere so fluidly and believably to the audience. It really made me feel worried for what the future has in store for society and where we are headed as a civilization. The doom and gloom like nature of the film bodes well for the plot and characters as it leaves the audience without any hope except for the single source of light in the character of V who fights against this evilness. However, what also makes this character all the more unique is how he may even be seen as an antagonist given the point of view for the individual. It leaves us to question whether he is a sane man seeking vengeance against those who have done him and the people wrong, or if he is just an insane man out of his mind and on a relentless tear of violence and destruction across the country.

Overall, V for Vendetta is an amazing and captivating film that will keep one at the edge of his or her seat. Filled with stylish action along with fantastic cinematography and an eloquent script, this is a movie not to be viewed but experienced.

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