Just Watch the Movie Trailer : Primer 2004 [092805]

25 May

Whenever I decide to watch a movie, either with friends or myself, I always have that idea that, “Okay, it’s time to relax.” I do enjoy watching intellectual movies, and movies that make you think but of course, it only goes to some extent. Lately, because of the stress of school, extra-curricular activities, org work, watching movies on my laptop or anywhere else for that matter, is my idea of unwinding. I mean, come on, a movie is usually created for entertainment purposes. This is part of why I chose this specific class, because I figured that I would be learning something while doing something fun. Yes, this has always been my idea of movies. I know that there will definitely be some that I might not like or would not enjoy at all, but I knew that some would still appreciate them.

After watching Primer during class, I was just dumbfounded. And I’m sorry, but not in a good way. I had absolutely no idea what was going on. For one thing, it was obviously a low budget film. I’m not saying that that’s a bad thing but I guess because of its content, and its script, anything else could have helped it. Second, it looked too much like a documentary that it was just too boring for my taste. It was an eloquent film, definitely, but I honestly don’t think it was written to please everybody. I’m almost 100% sure that that wasn’t their goal. If you ask me, Primer is a snobbish, elitist film who did not aim to please the majority of those who enjoy film. I’m guessing that they aimed for the smart audience that really wanted to think.

I felt stupid. At first, I was so disappointed in myself for not understanding anything that I even considered downloading the film just to attempt to be able to comprehend what was going on in the film again. But after thinking that then, I was like, “SERIOUSLY? No. Way. I’m sorry but I feel it will just waste the space of my already almost-full laptop.” However, since I felt I needed to look it up in order to right a decent blog entry, I found that its reviews aren’t all that bad and it’s rating was not bad at all. I may not be fond of films that are too intellectual but I do love a challenge. I may consider pushing through with my initial plans of downloading it and watching it again just because some say that it’s normal to not understand it after viewing it once. Maybe I was just taken aback and I was just to sleepy to really pay attention.

However, I won’t be bashing Primer here as much as I thought I would be because though I may not like science and how Primer was basically written and made, I like the idea of time traveling. It fascinates me. Honestly, I was even more interested about the film when we asked sir about it after class and he was able to give us substantial information about it. Maybe it would be better if I read about it or asked someone to explain to me what exactly was going on. It was seriously discombobulating. I don’t use that word often, but when I do, I mean it.

What I realize Primer did to us was it made us talk about it, though in distaste, but still, it was talked about. The more I think about it, I am even more intrigued and challenged to really understand it. I realize also that writing about it is not as bad because I feel something about it. I know that right now, I really don’t like it. I may have not much to say about what is in it because I did not understand it, but at the very least I know what I feel about it.

Earlier today, I watched the trailer just to get myself “hyped up” to write about it. I actually enjoyed the trailer more than I did the film and to be honest, it made me want to give Primer a second chance. (Yes, I liked it THAT much.)

We’ll see.

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